Thailand Summer 2017

Study Coral Reef
Conservation in
Southern Thailand 

Kayak around soaring Thai Karsts. 
Paddle through mangrove mazes. 
Cool off in tropical waters.  Marvel at tropical sunsets.

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Thailand: Summer 2017

Care for
Elephants and
other animals

Trek in the jungle with pachyderms. 
Bathe elephants in a river. 
Advocate for their conservation.

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Thailand: Summer 2017

Explore Bangkok
and Work in
an Orphanage

Engage with Thai orphans. 
Discover ancient Thai culture
in a modern metropolis.  

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Thailand: Summer 2017

Snorkel and
SCUBA dive in
Turquoise waters

Plunge into sparkling waters.
Get SCUBA certified in the Andaman Sea.
Join the effort to preserve coral reef systems.

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Thailand: Summer 2017

Learn the Art
ANd Science of
THai Cooking

Take a guided food market tour and
learn about shopping for ingredients 
Create and enjoy a Thai feast.

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Thailand: Summer 2017

Teach Thai
School Children

Teach English to Thai children with games and songs. 
Delve into Thai village culture. 
Host a Thai barbecue.

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Thailand: Summer 2017

Explore Temples 
and Meditate
with Monks

Visit Thai temples.
Learn about Buddhism.
Meditate with monks. 

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Thailand: Summer 2017

Learn the art
and tradition
of tea

Pick and roast tea leaves.
Prepare the grounds.
Enjoy the tea ceremony.

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Experience exciting and mind-expanding immersion in a vibrant new culture

Australia Summer 2018

Join us down under – for amazing service and adventure!  We fly from LAX to Melboure where we learn about the intriguing animals of Australia and focus our service on fruit bats and penguins.  Based in Melboure we will explore the many wonders of OZ.  We go deeper into the wilds in Tasmania, where we visit caves, geysers and work towards the conservation of the fascinating Tasmanian Devil.  Before we heading home, we venture north to Queensland – for some time on the Barrier Reef as we study coral reef conservation in this precious land.

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Greece Summer 2018

Summer in the Greek Islands with us!  We start in Athens with its jaw-dropping ruins.  Immersing ourselves in Greek life, we will work at a charity home and learn about the power of longevity enjoyed by the Greeks.  On high-speed ferries, we explore the Cyclades: Naxos, Paros, and Milos, where we will continue our service work and fall in love with these island-studded Aegean-blue waters.  We will swim, snorkel, hike unexplored areas, visit villages, island hop, and visit the island where the Venus de Milo was discovered.  The distinct landscape of different Islands will surprise you - especially Milos – with its lunar-landscape beaches.

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France Summer 2018

Explore the beauty of France, from the sights and museums of Paris, to the rural magnificence of Provence, home to earliest known sites of human habitation in Europe. Check back in for additional details on this trip.

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South Africa Summer 2018

Come explore Africa with us!  Our journey begins in Cape Town, where we learn about the fascinating history of this country and study the amazing leadership of Nelson Mandela. We visit Robben Island, and hang out at The Waterfront. We travel to Cape Point to see where the Atlantic and Indian oceans meet and to study conservation of the local animals, including baboons.

A bus ride along  the scenic Garden Route up the east coast takes us to the extraordinary Cango caves, and we learn about ostrich farming in nearby Oudtshoorn. Durban, with its famous beaches is our next destination. 

Finally, we stay in a game reserve and go on our very own safari. Because we are visiting during the South African winter, we will be able to see lions, giraffes, elephants and many other forms of wildlife in their natural habitat during the day. We stay in huts and enjoy typical South African “braais” (barbecues) at night.

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Become a
Service Explorer!

Service Explorers enables adventurous, generous-spirited high school students to explore enriching and rewarding service opportunities in beautiful and exotic foreign lands.

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"…it is in giving that we receive…"   — St. Francis of Assisi

Come Give with Us

People Helping People – Global Humanitarian and Environmental Service Work

Your experiences will deepen your existing understanding of the importance of conserving our world’s precious resources and of protecting threatened animal species.

Following the excitement of the trip, lasting benefits will be yours to keep: with hours of accredited service to your name, you will have greatly strengthened your application to that special college of your dreams, and you will have fostered your own commitment to life-long service and personal growth.

  • We help  communities in need.

    Our  Explorers make meaningful contributions to populations in need.


    Our  Explorers are transformed by the process of working as a team to accomplish  common goals and emerge as leaders.

  • We  promote education and conservation.

    Our  Explorers expand their knowledge and understanding of threatened environments  and species and invest in conservation.

  • We help  animals and advocate for their preservation.

    Our  Explorers are dedicated to animals and understand their need for support in  their conservation.


Develop a sense of purpose, accomplishment, and a broader vision and understanding of the world

Become a compassionate leader

Grow your understanding and compassion for others; build your commitment to solving problems worldwide.

Leadership is learned by doing.  In our trips, we employ the tools of leadership: we define our mission; join together to pursue common goals; understand and integrate different points of view; work hard; and cooperate to accomplish synergistic results.

What Our Explorers Say

Reports from the field

We make A difference

We foster growth and experience in our students through service and travel.

Our team consists of travel experts and educators with decades of experience in service, international programs, team-building and leadership.

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