Our Philosophy.

The principles that guide all our activities

We believe that the act of exploring a foreign culture, and bringing greater happiness to those you help, will in turn reward you with a sense of purpose, accomplishment, and a broader vision and understanding of the world.

There is no better teacher than experience and no better motivator than a team – that’s why we invite you to join us traveling to new and exciting places; bonding together, with grit and determination, we invest ourselves for the betterment of populations in need, the environment and threatened species.
In focusing our time and attention on people and the environment, we broaden our perspectives and understanding of complex problems facing our world. In the process we grow and develop a commitment to playing a role in solutions for our global community. Leadership is learned by doing.  In our trips, we employ the tools of leadership: we define our mission; join together to pursue common goals; understand and integrate different points of view; work hard; and cooperate to accomplish synergistic results.


Travel outside your comfort zone and experience life from a different point of view; fall in love with our world.


Give of yourself – invest in helping those in need; invest in understanding global issues.


Grow your understanding and compassion for others; build your commitment to solving problems worldwide.

Our Team.

The people behind Service Exporers

Our Leaders

Our trip leaders are carefully chosen for their personal qualities and suitability to Service Explorers’ values.  Not only do they have a love of travel and adventure, they are dedicated to volunteerism and teambuilding. 

Our leaders are excited to meet you and work together in supporting communities in need and conservation of animals and our natural resources.  They are trained in leadership building and will work shoulder-to-shoulder with you in service projects and will reflect with you afterwards. 

All of our leaders are CPR Certified, at minimum, and more depending on the specific trip, location and activity.  Our leaders are, first and foremost, dedicated to your safety.

Our Trip Planners

Our trip planners come from wide and varying fields and have pooled their resources to create big-impact trips for you and those we serve in our volunteer work.  Our planners are from six different countries, different professional and non-professional backgrounds, and all are devoted to safety, meaningful experiences and personal growth.

Our Associates

Worldwide, safety standards can vary tremendously.  We are aware of this and carefully select the associates we partner with on our trips to insure your safety.

Safety First.

How we keep you safe

Safety is of paramount importance to us: we have carefully selected accommodations, service projects and activities to maximize your rewarding service experience while simultaneously minimizing risk. Our trips are led by locals and hand-picked Western chaperones.  

In that same spirit of safety, we generally avoid long bus and train journeys, which can be uncomfortable and potentially dangerous in a developing country. Instead, we take quick, safe, comfortable flights to travel between the different parts of a country or between countries we visit and explore together.

  • Teach children

    Teach and connect with children around the world.

  • Help Animals

    Care for animals and advocate for their conservation.

  • Serve Communities

    Contribute to communities in need of your assistance

What do you want to explore?

Choose a destination, a service project or a personal goal

Where to Go

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What to Give

 Decide how you want to make the world better place

How to Grow

Set your goals for personal growth, and let us help you achieve them

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