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Greece Summer 2018

Summer in the Greek Islands with us!  We start in Athens with its jaw-dropping ruins.  Immersing ourselves in Greek life, we will work at a charity home and learn about the power of longevity enjoyed by the Greeks.  On high-speed ferries, we explore the Cyclades: Naxos, Paros, and Milos, where we will continue our service work and fall in love with these island-studded Aegean-blue waters.  We will swim, snorkel, hike unexplored areas, visit villages, island hop, and visit the island where the Venus de Milo was discovered.  The distinct landscape of different Islands will surprise you - especially Milos – with its lunar-landscape beaches.

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France Summer 2018

Explore the beauty of France, from the sights and museums of Paris, to the rural magnificence of Provence, home to earliest known sites of human habitation in Europe. Check back in for additional details on this trip.

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